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As long as deloads are adhered to, training the lifts/variations 3-4 times is viable and for me productive. I'm not even going to debate that as it works too well for me to question.

What does interest me is how to work in volume and top-end strength at the same time. Intuitively I don't like the idea of separate strength/volume phases. I just don't like it, I like being a maximum of a week away from competition shape all year around and I know it's possible. With the 2 weeks loading, 1 week unloading routine I know this is possible and again that's not something I would want to debate. What I am interested in refining is how to include top-end work as well as volume work across the week. Some thoughts:

1) Some peaking work is required for both strength building and maintaining/increasing both peak and strength in lower rep ranges.

2) Bulk of the work should be high volume. I have gotten away from high volume stuff to my detriment I think. I started off this experiment doing a bunch of volume work but that has slowly been replaced with less and less of that and more max work. That needs to be reversed.

3) Typical percentages for strength vary from as low as 70% (Smolov) across 80% (Waterbury/Sheiko) to 85%(C&P/Bulgarians).

4) Using volume recommendations from Prilepins is useful. However we(I) are in a different place to Sheiko and are more like Smolov as pretty much 33% of our training time is downtime (1 light week of every 3). The remaining amount of time needs to be hard work, much harder than what is present from Sheiko.

Based on the above points I'm thinking of going in the other direction with sets/reps and increasing the volume across the week. Using the various percentages with different variations in the week -

Squat training for a week

Equipped Squat 90% singles
Partial Squats & GMs 80% triple
Squats 70% fives

For a lot of sets... maybe as high as ten.

That's where my head is at now, any thoughts?
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