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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
I'm sitting at home and I'm sick with a miserable cold. So excuse me if I come across as a little blunt but I don't feel like being PC at the moment.

First off, the term "Hardgainer" DOES NOT mean somebody who cannot gain weight. To say that Hardgainers just need to eat more is very short sighted. The term Hardgainer simply means; someone with average genetics and potential for strength and size gains.

You have two sides to this argument and some poor saps (the Hardgainers) stuck in the middle with nowhere to turn. On one side you have lazy people who use the term Hardgainer as an excuse not to work hard and cannot be helped in their current state of mind. On the other side we have most of the guys responding to this post with, "There's no such thing as a Hardgainer and they just need to learn how to eat more. ď

There are many reasons that Hardgainers (genetically average) do not gain size and strength quickly. As some have mentioned, they havenít learned the value of food. But thatís not the only reason because we have skinny-fat Hardgainers as well. To tell a skinny-fat Hardgainer to ďeat moreĒ is only going to compound the problem.

The absolute most common reason we have Hardgainers that donít make progress is because they do not know how to train properly; using fancy splits, machines, no progression scheme, too much volume, etc. We here at MAB do a pretty good job at telling people how they SHOULD be training but refuse to acknowledge why we give the advice we do. And the reason for it is because we know we are dealing with a majority of new lifters that are having difficulties and are most likely genetically average.

A third most important reason for people not gaining strength and size quickly is they have no conditioning. A good conditioning level will help the Hardgainer recover faster between sets and between workouts. They will be all-around healthier with a good conditioning level and their bodyís will process food better and recover from intense exercise faster.

On the other hand we have Hardgainers that use too much conditioning and counteract the food they are taking in. The solution for those people is learn to eat food by the truckloads or cut back on some of the conditioning work. At this point they have to decide if running or building muscle is more important to them.

So get off your high horses. We here at MAB know the advice we give new lifters works but we get caught up in these silly debates about Hardgainers. Ask yourselves why we tell new lifters to eat more, get in shape, use compound exercises, and find a progression scheme. Is it because thatís the way Jay Cutler does it? I think not. Itís because they arenít Jay Cutler that they have to train differently.

Hardgainers do exist and we know how to help them. If you find somebody making excuses for why they canít gain strength and size, that doesnít make them a whiney Hardgainer, that makes them a moron.

Sorry for the long post, I just get so tired of this constant battle over a stupid word...
Great post OR. Nuff Said.
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