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Default Bodybuilder Emeka Okammor Bio

Bodybuilder Emeka Okammor Bio

Muscle and Brawn Sponsored athlete.


Name: Emeka Okammor
Age: 25
Where: Orlando
Height: 6 ft
Off-Season Weight: 255 Lbs (Currently 263lbs)
Contest Weight: 225 Lbs
Years Bodybuilding: 2
Favorite Bodypart: Trapezius, aka traps
Favorite Exercise: Reverse fly
Favorite Supplements: Athletic Xtreme
Social Media:

My name is Emeka J Okammor, aka "The MenAce." NPC competitor, husband, and business owner. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a husky teen, weighing 280-295, I was very athletic playing football (QB, FB, DE. DT, TE), basketball (PG, F), and track & field (shot putt, discuss). In my senior year I was one of the states top ranked recruits and accepted a full athletic scholarship to the University of Central Florida.

I arrived to UCF weighing 310lbs. College football at UCF taught me many life long lessons such as work ethic, discipline, teamwork, accountability, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice for total success. Total success being the win.

It was during my junior year that the seed of bodybuilding was planted. I was walking through the Florida Mall during my lunch break at my summer job and I saw a mob of people surrounding the GNC store. So I wandered over only to find Mr. Jay Cutler sitting there as wide as a house! Amazed by his physique, I couldn't wait to go back to talk to my strength & conditioning coaches about him. So the very next day, that's what i did. It sparked a debate which yielded the name Ronnie Coleman and by the way they described this man, I needed to see what all the fuss was about. That day my passion for bodybuilding was birthed.

Time flew by, after 4 years of college I graduated with my B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (IT focus). Stuck in the limbo of being thrown into the real world, I found a job at a nearby liquor store. I married my super awesome wife and upon returning from our honeymoon, I begin working as a manager trainee. I also decided to enroll in the UCF graduate program to work towards my MBA in Management Information Systems. While working and in school, I decided that I no longer needed to hold that heavy football weight, so I begin educating myself in health & fitness. My training also shifted from football strength training to physique building and dieting.

After a year of constant and consistent researching and studying, followed by many many instances of trail & error, I started a business and named it Simple Fitness, LLC. The purpose of this business was to first help myself follow a program that i believed in and that considered specific goals.

During the process of building and forming Simple Fitness LLC I begin to look into doing a bodybuilding show to simply celebrate my new physique. So I attended a few local shows and begin to think :I might be able to win one of these!" I hit the books researching tips and strategies on how to make my training and dieting more directed towards bodybuilding. Once I had built a program I picked an out of town show in Savannah, Georgia for the summer of 2010 and I just went for it! I hit the stage at my first bodybuilding show at 220lbs and I haven't looked back since.

I share the dream of turning pro in this sport with my wife, family, and close friends. All who have been extremely supportive in my career as a bodybuilder. I also enjoy the dream of simply reaching and filling my potential in this sport. The day I win that pro card is the day that I'll step foot into my dream, the day that one of my prayers is answered. I pray to be great in this sport, but even if i fall short of that accomplishment, my heart yearns to be a fun, humble, personable, down to earth professional bodybuilder. I will continue to chase my dreams and submit every once of effort to living my dream, keeping a positive attitude, and prayfully I WILL SUCCEED.

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