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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Front Squats
135x6, 185x4,3,2 Pretty damn sad. See notes

Back Squats
180x8, 205x8, 225x6

Romanian Deadlifts
185x8, 205x8, 215x8

Leg Press
180x12,230x12, 270x12

Overall Workout Grade: B+

Ego= Put in check. After the pathetic front squating, I feel like a pussy. Although, when all was said and done, what this session lacked in impressive numbers, it made up for in intensity. I felt beat when I was done.
It's hard being such a weak squatter here on a forum with legit squat monsters.

I struggled with holding the front squat more than actually squating it. I tried the strap method, however it made my hands hurt from squeezing so hard. I tried the powerclean rack method, it hurt my wrists. I tried the racked across the shoulders with crossed arms method, it felt shaky. So,I will be reviewing the front squat section of starting strength. The common trend I notice here is that squatting is hard and it may be revealing that I am a pussy.

Back squats felt good. I really focused on tightening the hamstrings in the descent. I also made an effort to really commit to the descent. They felt smooth.

RDLs felt somewhat easy. I tried to focus on a slower rep timing.

Did the leg press to finish off and went home to spend Valentines day with the family. Fiance made chicken picatta and scalloped potatoes, along with salad and rolls. I enjoyed, me happy!
Definitely not! The fact that you tried 3 different grip variations speaks for itself.

If you have access to kettlebells, you could try a KB front squat, but the weightload would have to be way low as they are, for some reason, harder, according to some powerlifters that can press huge numbers with the barbell but are humbled with the KBs.
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