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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
I hope Ltl doesn't mind me quoting him here. It's something I have thought a lot about, ultimately my decision on the matter has been made for me (for now) but it is perhaps something to debate for others. I know competitors who do this both ways.

So, for the equipped lifter:

1) Is raw lifting still a necessary part of their training. Building up an ever increasing level of raw base strength to translate to their equipped lifts?

2) Or should the lifters energies be directed at training in gear? Opting instead to train in gear and direct their training towards the needs of equipped competition?

As an equipped lifter, and a guy that gets a TON of carryover, I can say this:

There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. First off, what kind of gear are you competing in? Single, multi? Also, What federation are you lifting in?

This is the progression I would tell anyone who eventually wants to compete multi ply:

1)LEARN TECHNIQUE....i dont have to repeat what everyone knows and why this is a benefit, but we all know this is the base of it.

2) Once you have technique, GET STRONG...this sounds silly, but how many times do we see a lifter think they are strong enought o handle gear or think they can just get in it and get the carryover people talk about from it? It doesnt happen like that. For example, I get about 350 pounds+ carryover from my squat gear. But I have been doing this at a high level, with this progression, under the watchful eye of some very experienced and skilled lifters my whole life. take dave hoff for example, he has been in a similar and better situation than myself at westside. he will probably bench 1000 in a full his raw bench good? yes but I could think of a bunch of guys who can raw bench more....he gets good carryover bc he worked at it and took his time getting to where he is at.

3) start with crappy, hand me down, loose, single ply gear....get used to the feelings of it and the technique in it.

4) go to tighter single ply gear, same as above

5) go to loose multiply...I usually say a 2 ply suit, loose 2 ply shirt, and no briefs.

6) go to tight multi ply

Once you get the step is what I think....carryover is relative...I mean, yes you need to carry a certain level of raw strength as an equipped lifter, but I am not sure you can truly put a number on it, bc it will vary so much....there are lifts that indicate you are stronger in gear, like for is chain suspended GM's...everytime that goes up, I hit a geared squat PR....but honestly my raw squat hasnt moved much in the past 3 yrs....but it is where it needs to be for me and obviously as other aspects of your lifting get stronger, your squat on a certain given day will get stronger point it, just be strong, but dont necessarily worry about raw numbers and carryover bc 1) if you are a geared lifter, it only matters what your numbers are in gear on the platform and 2) your expectation of carryover based on what others say can go out the window bc its based on you and your skill level in the gear....For me, I get in gear when I feel it is necessary...there are a ton of factors...are my hips sore or injured? than I would wear briefs on squat day for support...are my forearms sore? than I am probably benching too much in a shirt and need to get out bc I bench 200+ more in my shirt and that is taxing on a guy who only weighs 160....the best thing to do is train both ways....start maybe doing every 3rd week in gear or maybe every other week....that way you can get stronger AND learn your gear....but takes A LOT of TIME...years and years and years and years....all the guys who get big caryover and lift in gear have been at this sport FOREVER (i dont include myself in that bc i still think i can get more out of it). So i would say do up you "brute" (i like that word better than "raw" for this matter) strength and train in the gear every so often to learn it and be patient. In my opinion, thats the way to train it for an equipped guy.
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