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Default RogueDynamics' Updated Training Log

Hey MaB peeps! It's been quite some time (I think close to a year) since I posted, or even thought about updating my training log, so I figured I'd just start a new one. (Mods, if this is not allowed, please just shoot me a PM and I'll track down my old log)

In spring of last year, I really started working hard on gaining strength, and if I'm honest, my reasoning was because my girlfriend was stronger than me. I was 5'10, 135lbs, and weak from a grueling retail job at a clothing store. I started off with the 3 month beginners muscle building workout and took to it immediately. When I was nearing the end of the 3 month period, I stopped going to the AnyTime Fitness near my house and started going to the gym at my school where I eventually met Cameron Bush, a lifter for team USA. Though his personality was a little raw, he new his shit about lifting and I started taking notes. He taught me about Sheiko, the truth behind supplements (most are a waste of money), and is encouraging me to pursue my certifications over this summer.

It's been several months since I finished my first cycle of Sheiko and my new PRs are 265/245/335. These numbers still place me pretty low on the Sheiko scale, but it gives me something to work towards!

I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to all of the senior posters on here. Your articles are fantastic and have really helped me not only reach my goals, but help me show my brother (who has recently started lifting) the benefits of being a classic strongman.

Starting on Monday I will be posting the workout that we've been doing called Zombie Terminator. It's something I came up with over the past few months to focus on strength in compound movements, but more essentially, movements I will use in real life, such as squatting (full motion) to pick something up, lifting something above my head (do that a lot in my I.T. job) and picking things up off the ground.

I will never claim to know it all, and welcome any and all advice to those that want to give it! To all the "hardgainers" out there: I know what it's like, but don't be a pussy. Screw your damn abs, eat everything you can get your hands on, and work hard! In the fantastic words of Rock Rannick, "LIFT HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS!"

- Joe
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