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fqqs is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Rich Knapp View Post
How long have you been a BBer? Do any shows?

Before I add anything I would like to know your age, nutrition macro's, how long you have been lifting (both pre bbing and since a bber). These will have a bearing on your workouts and style. Being your a bber pics would be cool also. ^5 . So we can see your progress please.
Im only an amateur. Dont plan to do any shows. I just want to look big and strong. I went from 66kilos to 78 kilos in 2.5 years but i still look like a pussy, bigger though. Just need solid mass and then care about details.

Im 21 , 175cm height, 78kilos weight. not much bodyfat, little in lower ab when i bend over especially visible. i keep my diet very strict. 250g protein, 90g fat, rest are carbs. meat, eggs, brown rice, olive oil, veggies, groats. 3500 kcal

I dont have any photos currently. I just look as many people who dont even train. I am ectomorph and really struggled to get to this 78 kilos (but added LITTLE fat). I can say that i have a bit disproportion between lower and upper body. My legs are naturally MUCH bigger than torso...dont know if it is relevant information though...

Im very patient and my priority is to add mass. What do you think about this routine above? I took it from Aram Hamparian's (natural bb champion) website. and changed only A BIT. id also like to include some flat bench also...
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