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fqqs is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by TitanCT View Post
i wouldnt do that.
i also found this routine on mastover's site:

Squats 5x5-10
Leg Extensions: 3x15
Stiff leg Deads 4x10

Incline DB Press 4x6-10 switch to FLAT BARBELL
Weighted Dips 4x6-10
Cambered bar Skullcrushers 4x6-10

Weighted Chins 3x4-6
BB Rows 3x6-8
Deadlifts 3x8-10
BB Curl 4x8-12

FRIDAY: Seated BB Press 3x6
Seated DB Press 2x8-10
Seated Calf Raise 2x15
Standing Calf Raise 2x10

i must admit that since now i was doing kind of routine that i did straight sets and when i was ablo to complete 4 sets 6 reps with given weight i upped weight next workout. so only last set was very hard for me (but previous ones a bit less). so i got to rethink this yes? i should push all sets for max and add also some dropsets/rest paused reps/forced reps/partials to last sets?

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