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fqqs is off to a bad start
Default my current routine - bulking

chest flat bench 3x6-8
incline bench 3x6-8
flies 3x8-10
leaning forward dips 3x6-8
cg bench 3x8-10
lyingtricep extensions3x8-10
bb curl 3x6-8
concentration curls 3x8-10

squats (barbell on upper chest) 3x6-8
walking lunges 3x15 each leg
leg extensions 3x20-25
lying leg curls 4x8-10
standing calve raises4x10-15

back dead lift 3x6-8
pullups 3x8-10
bb row 3x8-10
db row 3x8-10
shoulders rear delt raises 3x8-10
shrugs 3x6-8
military press 3x6-8
laterals 3x8-10

all sets above are very hard, but not to failure. ie if i struggle very hard with last rep or my form goes down i dont do the next one...if i excess the upper limit of rep range during given set ill add weight for next set..

from time to time ill add some rest pause or drop sets...

3-4 times a week depending on recovery and my schedule...
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