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Hey guys, brand new to the forum but I've had some experience with NASA.

I've competed in a few state meets with them and enjoyed them very much. Being a newer lifter at the time (a NASA state meet in AZ was my introduction to the sport). The majority of the lifters are extremely helpful and really went out of there way to be welcoming and are there to have fun. Overall the meets are well run, the equipment is decent as long as you don't mind the lack of a monolift, and they actually make an effort to start on time unlike quite a few other meets =P

One point of contention I could see many lifters having is the judging. Depending on whose judging at the actual event it can range from mildly strict to strict. One of the last I went to the bench pauses were having to be held for near 2-3 seconds to get a white light in a raw meet, lets just say not many bench PR's were set that day that's for sure.

I can't really say much on the drama issue that was mentioned above I stay clear of all that as best I can. But overall I'd recommend NASA.
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