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Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
If I ate like you I'd be 300 pounds by the end of the year I'm probably lucky that 3000 or so calories and 250-300g of protein a day is enough to gain me weight.
Lolz. This is a "clean bulk" or whatever the kids call it these days. If I let myself, I would push 12k calories a day. Every now and then i realize that one of the things that kept me from getting huge at 19 was the lack of income. The trick is to order everything that sounds good and then eat as fast as you can. Don't talk to people, it slows you down. Also, sip on your drink, you can hold more food that way.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Speaking of pecans, what are your thoughts on pistachios? I have never tried them and wondering how they stack up.
Pistachios are a favorite in my house. Wear your fingers down after a while shelling them all, but they are very tasty. Lower fat and a little higher carb, good protein so I like them close to my workout.
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