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Default JTurner's First BDFPA Meet

BtB told me to post my results in the PL section, I was hoping to post some better results but still, this is the write up from my log.

28/01/12 - First Meet

Weight - 89.1kg

155kg x F! (Looking back at video it's actually 165kg)
155kg x 1
165kg x 1 equal PB

95kg x 1
105kg x 1
115kg x 1 +5kg PB

180kg x 1
195kg x 1
205kg x F

Total - 475kg

Opening with a failed squat really wasn't how I wanted to start the day. The meet was seriously unorganised and even the more experienced lifters weren't too sure when the flight would begin. My final squat warm-ups were rushed but most peoples were. I hit 140kg easily though and had some rest before getting on the platform. By that point, nerves had really kicked in and I dropped way to fast into the squat and lost balance onto my toes. Looking back at the video once squats were finished, it was also 165kg so the 25kg jump from my last warm-up didn't help. There were a LOT of misloads over the day and after my squats I made sure I checked the bar before lifting and had them change a few. The next 2 lifts were fairly easy, the ref had a few words as he could see I was p*ssed and working myself up and it helped, I slowed things down and took my time. Certainly had a squat PB in me but sh*t happens.

I was never going to be happy with the day after the squats and I reduced my bench opener to 95kg, warmed up early and just tried to stay calm. Bench was the one lift I really wasn't expecting much from at the meet but even with the pauses they all felt strong and maybe some left in it. Only thing I noticed on the video is the outside of my feet not being flat on the floor, might need to work on that.

Warmed up pretty early for the deadlifts, felt pretty good and my opener went up easy (no vid though). I went with 195kg with the intention of hitting 205kg on my 3rd but I don't think this was the best idea. Still 195kg is still my best deadlift with a proper lockout.

Overall, today was a huge learning experience and I can guarantee that my next meet will be a lot more successful. I could make plenty of excuses but they won't change anything, I know what I have to work on and I'll just come back stronger.

Finally, thanks to everyone at MAB. I'm not massively active here but I do enjoy reading a lot of logs and interesting threads and have received some great advice. It's the only forum that I have made it passed 20 posts on and that I still visit and without the members here I can guarantee I would still be sat here telling myself that I will compete one day.

JTurner's Eat, Lift, Eat Log
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