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After much deliberation this will be my last post as I wish to no longer share my training experiences on Internet forums.

Thank you everyone for your interest, especially Steve for your support over the years.

"The sulphurous cloud begins to choke my senses during my battle among the Dragon Warriors. Out of the haze they came forth, followed by screams of agony; other Iron Warriors in the distance on the verge of defeat. Hell upon the wasteland is to become locked in eternal battle with these warriors. They will come upon you one after the other and fight you as you do them – a stalemate that will last ages. There is only one way out. There is only one hope for an Iron Warrior.

I thrust my sword violently as my stinging eyes tear from the dank raunchy air about me. I gasp for a breath as the weight of my armor becomes heavy. My large protective shield, my scutum, is like the back of an angel absorbing their blows, which become harder and heavier. I grab my sword tight and land a strike deep into bowels of another foe. It falls with a thud onto the volcanic rocks. Another Dragon Warrior approaches from within the reaches of the endless haze. My world has become this small space; my body revolts against every effort to parry and attack. My mind grows frail and withers like a pathetic weed burning from the heat.

I fall to one knee and their strikes ring against my scutum like the bells of sanctuary.

True they ring across an eternity of space and time. My muscles tense around my bones. Another blow from the Dragon Warriors sends me my on my back. My heart beats with a thump out of my chest. My body swells in size pressing against my plate armor. And my eyes see through the haze and land upon Iron Mountain. Upon the top she is standing proud with wings spread and neck craned upward towards the thunderous lightning in the black clouds. Her scales writhe in euphoria.

My fist clenches my weighty sword with a crushing grip, I use it as a cane, and leap to my feet. My whole body contracts and I strike like the wind. Each strike an assault that loses her warriors ground. Another falls. My skin feels like the very armor I wear. Their swipes miss. The haze begins to clear and I breathe deeply into the depths of my spirit. I strike them down like reeds of grass.

With a screech the Iron Dragon spreads her wings and belches a fire that lights the top of her mountain bright.

As her Warriors hit the ground: she takes flight."


Session #4 – January 16th 2012
Weigh-In 213lbs.
Body Fat 14%
45 Mins.
Barbell Bench Press 3x8x235
Barbell Bent-Over Row 3x8x230
Barbell Back Squat 10x345 / 9x345
Wide Grip Barbell Breathing Pullovers 25x18

Came in real strong on the bench press and row and then went capoot on the squats. Discovered my bodyweight dropped a pound and the back cramping and pains is most likely due to not eating enough along with the stress of increased workloads. Time to eat more…

Session #5 – January 18th 2012
Weigh-In 216lbs.
Body Fat 15%
50 Mins.
Wide Bar Weighted Dips 3x8xBW+75 (291)
Underhand Shoulder Width Chins 2x5xBW+25 / 4xBW+25 (241)
Close Stance Barbell Back Squats (3” Width) 3x12x225
Rader Pulls 2x15
Flat Bench Dumbbell Pullovers 10x65 / 10x70
Barbell Wrist Curls 18x120
Alternating Dumbbell Wrist Curls 2x5x65

This is good. I ate a lot of food since the last session and my stamina is back quite strong. I missed the last rep by an inch on the chins – I didn’t fight to hard though due to my current systemic reserves. Squats were very good on my knees and supersetted with Rader Pulls. Barbell wrist curls will increase by poundage and decrease on reps to develop tendon strength. Stay on this weight or substitute a different exercise.

WEEK 2 SUMMARY: I skipped the third session of the program this week as it is becoming physically impossible (boring) eating enough food – especially meat. My mouth/jaw has actually been getting sore. The extra days off have been good for my system as my weight has held 216 quite well…interestingly my abs started to show recently. I will take a guess that it is due to the lack of wheat in my diet and the inclusion of hearty amount of veggies instead of carbs being included with the approx. 1 pound servings of meat (or minimum 6-12 eggs for breakfast) with every meal. I think I will drop the reps on the squat (while holding near approx. current weight on the bar) and/or start substituting lighter weight versions (such as front squat) for the time being. Costco on Monday and time to buy a grill – I need to make this more fun. It is necessary to purchase at least 20 pounds of meat for the week multiplied by 1.5 for my wife (she is 140 pounds) – 30 pounds total per week.


Session #6 – January 22nd 2012
Weigh-In 216lbs.
Body Fat 15%
45 Mins.
Barbell Bench Press 3x8x240
Barbell Bent-Over Row 3x8x235
Front Squat Practice with no greater than 185
Wide Grip Barbell Breathing Pullovers 25x18

I barely pushed myself today as I am holding ground with “easy” work. My body has been a bit crampy due to slight overtraining with my wrist and right shoulder locking up a bit on bench. Last couple reps of the last set were a bit sloppy. Front squats are breaking in flexibility - must remember to tuck my elbows together as this is why my shoulders were dropping.

Session #7 – January 24th 2012
Weigh-In 214lbs.
Body Fat 14%
45 Mins.
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts 10x225 / 9x235 / 7x245
Wide Bar Weighted Dips 3x8xBW+80 (294)
Barbell Curls 10x105
DB Pullovers 2x10x75
Rvrs. Barbell Curls 2x12x55

My strength has been returning day by day as I have upped my protein consumption with slight carb reduction – abs don’t look too bad as they are showing a bit more. Used regular grip on the deadlifts and lost it on the last two sets – this is okay as I am trying to stave off overtraining and under-eating right now. Dips went very well with lots of strength. Arms pumped.

The growth response from the triple sets of squats has kicked in and everything has shifted to next level – into the 5 rep range of strength I go.


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