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Default My Journey back to the platform

I was PM'd over at by a member or mod of this forum. he said he'd like to see me post my log on here. so, here we go.

Haven't powerlifted let alone competed in over 2 years. Injured my hamstring severely in 2009 and my back got worse from my scoliosis and being lazy about prehab/rehab work. But, now 2 years later I think i'm ready to return and get back to my passion which is powerlifting.

Back then i was in the 220's in the USAPL. my big 3 were like so - Bench: 230lbs Deadlift: 420lbs (440 in gym) Squat: 355 (below parallel/400lbs in gym) all raw

Since a couple years have passed i've dropped 50lbs and plan to lose about 20lbs more. I'll be relying on my training and my muscle memory to get strong again as i pursue a cut to 150lbs. Then, i'll bulk my way up to the 170's and really be focusing on strength with my maximum potential. This will take a whole year and I wont be ready to compete until then. I am really looking foward to this.

i'm going with a 5x5 routine. 3 days training weekly and plan to load more weight on the bar each workout.

I have a bummed shoulder right now so after it heals up I will start my training and posting my sessions in here.
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