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Originally Posted by nighttrain View Post
welcome aboard.. transformation looks gr8 continue to give it hell
Will do!
Originally Posted by Grim83 View Post
Looks great bro, one thing i do see is that your legs look a little small in the last pic, but that could just be the angle
Yup, bad calve genetics and lack of training in my legs.. That has changed though in the last 5 months as I started putting way more focus on my legs.
Latest quad pic.
Sat Jun 13, 2009

Its pretty outdated, I have added around 2 more inches as of this pic.

Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Great job evgeney! And welcome aboard!
Thanks for the welcome/motivation

Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
Welcome to MAB. You're looking fantastic. Please grace us with a training journal.
Thanks, I might compile one in the future.. I started one in the past and gave up on it ):

Originally Posted by jhuse2 View Post
If I had your detemination at 17 then everything would different for me. Great job!

Originally Posted by rippednmichigan View Post
That's great progress man! You put on some size with really no BF% increase, keep doing what your doing it seems to be working for you.
Thanks and will do!
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