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Originally Posted by rippednmichigan View Post

What's up Muscle and Brawn peeps? All American EFX is now a board sponsor and in honor of the hard working people here at MAB we will be offering up some give away through out the year. It's our way of saying thank you for being loyal customers and hope that if you enjoy our products post up your thoughts where ever you can starting here at MAB --> AAEFX Supplements - Muscle and Brawn Forums

Now as if you couldn't tell from the "catchy" title, our first offering to the people is a tub of K-Otic in any flavor of your choice (Grape Grenade, Orange Ambush, Fruit Punch Frenzy)

All American EFX has been researching pre-workout formulas for well over 2 years. We wanted to make darn sure we developed the very best product we could possibly offer. And one way to do that was to see exactly what we were up against. So we literally bought and used no less than 9 of the leading formulas and put them all to the test. Here's what we found...

These things are supposed to be about ENERGY. But we encountered 2 major issues with them:
#1: We either lost energy during our training, which KILLED our intensity and power or
#2: We suffered a severe post workout crash to the point where most of us didn't want to do jack for the rest of the day. Either way we wanted to AVOID both of these training killers at all cost.

The majority also gave us stomach aches, and some also produced what we called a "geranium hangover". To be fair, there were a couple of standouts in the mix. But we knew there had to be a way to slam something down, go "punish the iron" with maximum brutal intensity, and then leave the gym feeling like we'd really killed it that day. Isn't that why we put our bodies thru hell and back?

So we set out to fix what we saw as major flaws. Then, we dialed in the formula by innovating it with some pretty aggressive and innovative technologies. The end result is a product that promotes hardcore workouts!* You get everything you need in just one hyper-concentrated dose to go in and "Punish The Iron"!*

5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why You Should Never Train Without K-OTIC:

1. Stimulate An Inner Animalistic Aggression To Get Your Mind & Muscles Primed!* Let's face it. Some days you just don't feel like training. And on others, you have a good workout, but you know deep down you could do even better. K-OTIC™ is the answer!* Not only will you get jacked up, but you may literally WANT to train like an animal.* What more do we need to say?

2. Kre-Alkalyn® EFX Creatine Delivers 28% More Strength Than Regular Creatine!* High powered, hardcore training demands you have the best creatine fueling your hard working muscle cells. Hands down, we believe Kre-Alkalyn® EFX is that creatine.* This multi-patented, multi-award winning compound has been surmised in clinical studies to outperform the gold standard, creatine monohydrate, by a whopping 28%.* Can you say "swole"?

3. Unleash Anabolic Compounds Upon Working Muscles To Destroy Plateaus!* Not only will you have the strength and muscle-gorging advantage of Kre-Alkalyn® EFX creatine, but you also get Beta alanine, AKG, Citrulline-malate (all using our exclusive Dextro-Cyclodized™ delivery technology) working for you.* But wait! You also get a healthy shot of our anabolic amplifier Taxadral®.*

4. Hyper-Concentrated, True 1 Scoop Dose To Promote Euphoric Energy!* Don't be fooled by products that recommend one scoop, but then tell you to use up to 3 (which is the 'real' dose!). Look. All you need is one small scoop of K-OTIC™ to turn you on!* And forget about an upset stomach or workout killing energy crashes. We fixed that mess. You WON'T be sprinting to the bathroom...and you WON'T crash and burn!* Fact is, your training partners will freaking quit on you while you scream, "Next Set!"*

5. No Geranium Or Other WADA Banned Compounds! We didn't we join the "ingredient of the month" club and use Geranium in K-OTIC™ for two major reasons. For one, it's banned by WADA (they have by its chemical name methylhexaneamine on their official list). We have countless professional and Olympic athletes who trust us, so it wasn't even an option. Second, we hated the after-effects across the board. K-OTIC™ isn't some gimmicky pre-workout product, this is a serious tool for hardcore athletes. If you aren't willing to pay your dues one hard set at time, then K-OTIC™ isn't for you!

SO you sit back and say to yourself, "So how do I win said tub of K-Otic?" EASY! We want to see how creative you can get. Post up either a picture or a video with any All American EFX product, picture (printed, drawn, ripped out of a magazine, you get the point...) The most creative picture/video wins a tub of K-Otic in the flavor of your choice. Will choose the winner next Saturday 1/28/2012

*You must be at least 18 years of age.
*You must be in the Continental US.
*No known medical conditions.
*Log/Feedback not required but would be appreciated.
^5 This is a great offer. You can't miss out on this. Good luck to all.
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