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Just dont care any more
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Default My rant!

Ack I don't care about anything any more to be honest. My online business is going strong and steady but I can't enjoy it ever. My mother keeps talking bad about my wife and I behind our backs my wife found out and is pissed. She wants me to confront her which i have several billion times and it usually results in punishment of some sort. My only transportation is my mom and I live in a little itty bitty town. If i piss my mom off i have no transportation, can't see my 4 bros that look up to me. And now my wife is stressed to the brim plus her xhusband is pulling all kinds of crap lately. Her kids my step kids are horrible this weekend breaking everything and just down right naughty.

I can't sleep, eat and I'm stressing to the point I just want to sell everything online and just disappear from everything going insane.
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