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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Just to clarify, training hard does not equate to pain and pushing past or through pain...your own mental comfort zone or physical comfort zone, maybe, but neither is "pain" related.
Let me add, be careful what pain you push past. Doing this has left me injured again. Its fine to push past where you want to stop, to push past mental and emotional barriers, but if something feels damaged or like its about to become damaged, STOP dammit. To re-iterate, pushing through the burn, pumps, sucking air, thinking "No way can I get another rep" are fine. When you feel your spine shift and pop, have an arm go numb, or feel your knee dislocate, don't finish the set. Yes, I've done all of these recently and have no idea why I can't just let it go when I know I need to.

Back to the article, I like it a lot. If I'm injury free, I can eat a couple slices of pizza in addition to my usual food, hit squats and deadlifts hard, and suffer no ill effects. This is the biggest reason I lift, so I can eat more.
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