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Chameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good start

Well I think I'm the odd one out here guys, I like tattoos, but only if they've got personal meaning to that individual. Stallone's tats I believe have a pic of his wife weaved into it somewhere & reference's to his kids. I think that maybe through age he has started sporting the odd stretch mark or two, & being Hollywood, that can't happen. So he's covered them up with real tattoo's. If he wants to do that, that's fine, we're human & can do what we want. But I've got stretch marks, but I rather like them. They tell me of my life journey, like a chapter of my life almost.

Hugh Jackman, yeah that guy is big. I should've put him on at the start.

My favourite, Sly, if it wasn't for Rocky & Rambo I wouldn't be lifting.
2nd favourite, Statham, the guys got honesty about his body that I like. He's not massive, but he's no midget.

The Mayans never said that 2012 was the end of the world, they said it was the end of the world as we know it. Does this mean the sky will be green & the grass will be blue? Maybe the oceans will turn to beer & the oxygen into marijuana smoke. Or maybe the banking sector will get destroyed & money will therefore be useless, meaning that humans can live as creative individuals with the opportunity to express themselves freely. I truly hope so, as long as I can still play music & lift weights!
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