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fqqs is off to a bad start
Default is this a good workout for bodybuilding purposes (bulking)

Mon- Pull:
deadlift 3 x 5
BB row 3 x 5-8
Pullups 3 x 8
DB rows 3 x 10
Incline DB curls 3 x 10
+ hammies/back stretching

Wed- Push:
Flat bench 3 x 5
Incline db bench 3 x 8-10
military press 3 x 8
dips(weighted) 3 x 5-10
inc db flyes 3 x 10
inc bb french press 3 x 10
+ hammies/back stretching

Fri- Legs/Abs
Front squat 3 x 5
Bulgarian split squat w/ dbs 3 x 10
Leg curls 3 x 10
Single leg calf raise /w dip belt 3 x 10
Hanging leg raises 3 x 10
Renegade row 3 x 5
+ hammies/back stretching

I still want to bulk. Just need a solid routine, but i consider myself still as an intermediate so I seek for any advice from more advanced ppl. Thank you! Sory for my english

and do you think i should take every set to failure? some people say so... at the moment im reaching failure only on last set. 2 preceding sets are hard, but 1-2 reps shy of concentric failure. i find that if i go to failure in 1st set, my later sets are much worse and i overall do less workload that way.
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