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Default My son's workout

As many of you know, my 10 (almost 11) year old son is working out for next football season. Here's a recap of today's workout...

This was a GooD one...

We started off with some sled pulls for warm-ups. I loaded the sled to 100 lbs and he fulled it forwards for 30 yards. Then he turned around and pulled it backwards for 30 yards. He then finished off with another forward pull for 30 yards. Warm-ups over...

Squat time!

He started off with 10 bodyweight squats to reinforce form. Then I handed him a 25 lb dumbbell. He looked at me and asked, "How much does this weigh?" I told him it was a miniscule 25 lbs and he was only going to do 10 squats. He thought that sounded easy enough since he did his squats last week with 15 lbs. So he cranked out 10 easy reps of goblet squats, set the dumbell down, and started walking to the Prowler.

I said, "Hold on buddy, you aint done yet. Remember, last week you did 20 reps, so this week isn't going to be easier"..."Oh Nooo..."

He grabbed the weight and cranked out 20 tough goblet squats. He huffed and puffed through the last couple of reps, then walked over to the man chair and fell into it. He said, "Those were tough!" I said , "Not as tough as the second set is going to be." Muwahaha... "Oh Nooo..."

He grabbed the weight and started squatting. The first 10 reps were pretty good with a couple of form reminders along the way. But at rep 10 he was huffing and puffing pretty good. I told him to stand there and take some breaths. Then I told him to give me a few more, he gave me three. His face was red and his eyes were bugging out. I told him that these are "Man Makers" and he's at least got to give me 15 reps. He set his jaw and cranked out two more reps. I laughed and said, "You did those too easily, you owe me five more for being so drama about it." He got mad and cranked out 5 more reps back-to-back. 2 sets of 20 reps were done!

Now he earned a rest in the Man Chair...

He said, "I thought we were going to do the Prowler but I guess you decided to make it a big squat day." I laughed and said, "I didn't say we were going to skip the Prowler, on your feet"...

He noticed right away that I had added 10 lbs to the Prowler from the last time we did it, but he was fired up. I put the names of his two arch football rivals on each handle. Right under their names I drew little smiley faces. I told him that they were his arch rivals smiling because they took his spot on the team. If you want to win your spot you are going to have to push them right in the face, and their faces are low, but remember low man wins.

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 laps done, he's pushing like a maniac. One time he even kicked one of the smiley faces to show it who's boss, but it just kept on smiling.

Now I pointed out the big question mark I drew on the low handles. "That represents somebody you don't even know who might try to beat you for your spot." He siad that it might be a friend or somebody that he likes, and I told him that if you want to make the team then you are going to have to put that friend down.

That's when he noticed that I hadn't turned the sled around for the final lap. "You're kidding me, Low Handles?" I just smiled and nodded.

That was really a tough workout for him but he made it through and felt great about it afterwards. Progression is a Bitch
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