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Chameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good startChameleon is off to a good start

It seems looking at that pic that Danny De Vito is Ron Jeremy's long lost brother...

Yes, I believe that Statham was a diver in the early 90's, but this last few years he's really buffed up. I'm sure his background helped him achieve this, but he obviously worked at it, hard, judging by his physique.

The Rock. He was a strength athlete before he starred in a movie, so he's got an even bigger advantage IMO. Still, the guy has a hardcore physique.

Check Lee's V-Taper, I think that's awesome.

Again, this is just my opinion. Whether Stallone juices or not, he's done a lot for health & fitness in his time, the world took attention when they saw his movies & I feel that he has to be respected for that. Plus, the guy obviously trains hard, I mean look at him, even in his mid 60's the guy is still pushing hard.

@brute, yes any actor from any generation. I tried to think of actors who started out as actors who then started training as opposed to athletes who turned actors, but I realise that Bruce Lee was a martial artist turned actor.

I just think his V-Taper in that pic is epic!
The Mayans never said that 2012 was the end of the world, they said it was the end of the world as we know it. Does this mean the sky will be green & the grass will be blue? Maybe the oceans will turn to beer & the oxygen into marijuana smoke. Or maybe the banking sector will get destroyed & money will therefore be useless, meaning that humans can live as creative individuals with the opportunity to express themselves freely. I truly hope so, as long as I can still play music & lift weights!
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