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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
For example. I can do single leg, leg curls with bands for the same sets, reps and ROM on each leg but feel it more on the right than the left. Weird...

Not sure if it works the same for leg curls but the principle in theory is the same...but, with Kb swings, if the KB is on the left side, the right glute will contract at more than 100% contraction which it can't do if you physically try and do it because then you'd only manage 100% contraction by default.

Likewise with your leg curls, maybe (and I'm theorising here based on gained knowledge, nothing more) because the right side is dominant and therefore contracts better anyway, when you curl with the left leg you get a more substantial contraction going on in the right side and hence the DOMS are worse on that side even though the bands used are the same strength.

Just a theory though.
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