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Raising the Bar is off to a bad start

Thanks guys.

Thursday, January 7, 2011: Bench and Deadlift
1-Board Bench Press: 255*3@7.5, 275*3@8, 280*3@8.5, 285*3@9.5, 270*3@8.5, 270*3@8, 275*3@9
Rack Pulls from Knees: 315*5@7, 345*5@7.5, 375*5@8.5, 390*5@9.5, 350*5@8, 350*5@8.5

This was the first time I ever tried rack pulls. The lowest the crossbraces will go in my power rack are at my knees, so I will eventually build a platform to stand on so I can take these from below the knee. In any event, after not training the deadlift in 5 years, and having two sessions in one week, my back was fried.
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