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Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
I'm now so hypersensitive about being disturbed at the pictures (does anyone call it that these days?), that I won't go! The scenario you describe would send me into an apoplectic rage.
I was fuming, and had to just leave; thankfully, it's so far been a one off occasion.

Yep, I still use the term the pictures but not sure if many use it any more or how many would understand it.

Originally Posted by Goat View Post
There used to be a time when, the crowd would have stood up to this punk. I like Tannhauser will no longer go to the movies. Pointing out rude behavior in a southern ca theater may get you shot.
Fortunately, we wouldn't get shot (yet) but living in a small area where you're forever bumping into people that you know, and when you phone to make reservations at the cinema they know you by your voice without the need for a name and so forth, life could get uncomfortable pretty quickly...a different sort of awkward situation, for us.
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