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Default 4 day bodybuilding split

Looking for advice on a 4 day bodybuilding split. I want to say first that I have no interest in powerlifting or strength training specifically. I understand progression and the need to get stronger. Spent a lot of time reading the advice on Muscle and Brawn and that much I have learned.

The situation is this: I want a 4 day split. I just spent 6 weeks training with a local bodybuilder. He taught me exercise form on most compound lifts including the squat and deadlift. I had my form check elsewhere online and people said it was pretty good.

Only during the last 3 weeks was I allowed to progress in weight. I am still weak but am ready for the journey. The major problem is that this trainer left the gym before he gave my the 4 day bodybuilding split he promised and now I have no workout. Can anyone suggest a simple 4 day bodybuilding split?
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