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Thursday, January 5, 2012: Squats and Bench
Squat: 225*5@7, 245*5@8, 265*5@8.5, 285*5@9, 270*5@8.5
Seated Military Press: 135*5@7, 145*5@8, 155*5@8.5, 165*5@10, 140*5@8, 140*5@8, 140*5@8.5, 140*5@8.5, 140*5@8.5

* The 285*5 felt pretty good, particularly since I maxed out on New Year's Eve at 295. I will note, however, that my RPEs may not be very accurate on squats or deadlifts since I haven't done either in years and thus don't really know how many reps I have left in the tank after a certain set, if any. With the military press, I did not anticipate doing so many sets, but I really found a groove on my second set of 140 after lowering the weight, and thus the weight felt much lighter. Hopefully I can carry this over to heavier weights next time.
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