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Post Anarchy and Agony (My CnP journey)

It takes a whole hell of a lot to get me motivated enough to start doing something, let alone post about it in conjunction... I'm the typical lazy bastard that used to hit the gym 3 days a week, eat "healthy" when I felt like it and drink like it was my job... However, last week I stumbled across a little blog by Jamie Lewis a.k.a Mr. Chaos and Pain, and for the first time in years, i was intrigued by what I saw in terms of a workout program and diet.

I was sick of the cookie cutter diet and exercise plans like the ones plastered all over M&F or any other magazine, promising huge gains and massive weight loss over the 3-4 week period the workout was based around. They were all variations of the same principle; eat good shit, do moderate exercise, and you will see results; which is true, and great for joe blow gymgoer, but I wanted more from my workouts, and had all but given up in my search for enlightenment.

Chaos and pain (ChAoS & PAIN) is the exact methodology I have been looking for... (Btw, go there RIGHT FUCKING NOW if you haven't ever, and see what I'm talking about) it incorporates a paleo/keto diet along with pushing HUGE amounts of weight around the gym, all the while making the rest of the pansy asses in the gym stare at the 10 lb dumbbells in their hands and wish it was a loaded gun, so they could end their miserable fucking life.

I'll end my rambling about something you can read about yourself, but just know that it's the fucking shit, and I'm expecting to see major results with it.

Pre info:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240
Body Fat: 15-20% haven't checked lately
Supplements to be used: Methyl Mass, ConCret, Pro Complex Protein, Xtend BCAA's, Animal Pak, and Stimerex ES to help facilitate the shrededness.
Diet: 4.5 day keto run (M-F), Moderate carb, low fat, high protien S-Su..
Cheat windows (Friday night/Saturday night) - Bars/Pizza/Wings

- Not too sure about how to go about my diet during the day however... I work 8-9 hour days (8-5/6) and need some help determining how/what to pack for lunch and snacks.

Known Maxes:
Bench - 315
Squat - 415
Power Clean - 225 (Just did them for the first time since High School today)
BTN press - 205
Deadlift - 455 is as high as I've attempted

Obviously this is a work in progress, as I haven't been serious about the Gym since High School... Gotta start somewhere!

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