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Default Strength and weight (Natural)

Ok, sorry if it sounds ignorant. I have searched the forums. But could not find an exact answer. My question is simple.
Let us assume a guy, a guy that trains naturally. And when I mean naturally I do not mean refraining from things that are labelled as steroids only. I mean taking everything into consideration (like your diet, your blood pressure, your heart rate etc). When this type of guy trains, can he be able to bench 600 lbs? If he can what will be his weight? Let us assume that this guy's height is 185 cm.
So my questions are
#1 Can a healthy trainer be as strong as steroid user?
#2 Does getting stronger means that you have to be really really heavy? (For example most athletes who bench 500-600 pounds are around 280ish pounds)
So can a guy with a height of 185cm and 220 pound be able to bench 600 lbs? (Natural & healthy)

Thanks anyone for helping, by the way serious answers please
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