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Raising the Bar is off to a bad start

All bench work I post in this log is paused unless I state otherwise.

Tuesday, January 2, 2012: Bench and Squat
Slingshot Bench (touch and go): 275*3@7, 305*3@8, 315*3@9, 295*3@8, 295*3@8.5, 295*3@8.5
Feet Elevated Bench: 185*5@7, 200*5@8, 215*5@9.5, 200*5@9
13" Box Squat: 185*5@7, 205*5@7.5, 225*5@8, 245*5@8.5, 255*5@9.5, 225*5@8.5, 225*5@9

*This was the second time I tried out the slingshot, which I plan on occasionally using to work my bench with full range but with heavier weights.

Wednesday, January 3, 2012: Back
Pendlay Rows: 135*5, 155*5, 175*5, 185*5, 195*5
Reverse Grip Pulldowns: 140*5, 150*5, 160*5, 170*4

*Although I have not trained for 18 months, even when I was training I severely neglected my back despite benching 395. Therefore, I plan on giving it its own day.

Thursday, January 4, 2012: Bench and Deadlift
Flat Bench: 225*3@6, 255*3@7, 275*3@9, 275*3@9.5, 260*3@8, 260*3@8.5, 260*3@9
Deadlift: 265*5@7, 285*5@7.5, 305*5@8, 320*5@9, 300*5@8.5, 300*5@8.5, 300*5@9
Read Delts (band pulls): 3*15-20

* Bench felt great at the bottom end, but my lockout strength wasn't what it is typically. I believe Tuesday's Slingshot Bench and Feet Elevated Bench really fatigued my triceps. I anticipate this weight to be much easier next time. Also, this was my first Deadlift session since 2006--I tested my max on New Year's Eve just for reference--so I really had no idea what to expect. After seeing myself on video, I notice that the lockout is the slowest part of my lift, so I will put in some particular work there to bring that area up.
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