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Some peeps in the gym can be cruel. But it is a fool who uses the mouth as an improper tool when their own stink at the stool provides their fuel.

I KNOW what I am doing is right, and do not give a rats-ass what people think to the contrary nor think what I may or may not be up to. This conviction has formed through education in the path I walk, and narrow-minded thinkers (who exhibit this sort of talk you expressed) cannot and will not, penetrate this education base because the source of the input is stupid and uneducated.

How ironic negative and uneducated input changes from goal to goal:

When I first wanted my first goal: I was Charged/tried/convicted before I started: I was defeated before I began: You see my "perceptional context" was that they were viewing things through a different lens, than I. As such did not have the input I possessed, nor the wisdom in the direction I sought.

But, I believed.

When I met my very first goal, it turned from the above scenario of comments to: (after losing 40 plus pounds, and working my ass off for a year and a half)

I remember when I was at my lightest weight (152/154), and ripped with abzers, I was called skinny by this big guy: (I am very blunt in person and carried a level of motivation that was seen as bizarre by a lot of persons)

Yes, I am, and I love it. Got a problem? Don't take up my space with your mouth or your eyes. I thank you.

And, I will take your big-ass out for a run for two miles, and as you become a peter-puffer at about the one block point and at the level where virtually any movement is useless to you, I will stop my two-mile jog (airborne shuffle run), and press 220 for 12 reps, and be able to perform many other physical functions.

And others:

Was standing in line at Wal-Mart, and a guy ahead of me had 3 packs of Hostess Ding-Dongs, and he made the comment: "Looks like you could use a few of these", I commented, "Looks like you could do without a few of those". His expression was one of hurt feelings, while mine was very indifferent to his verbal expression.

And, I leave you with this thought:

"NEVER" abandon yourself for the sake of another's opinion.

People with their hearts in the right place will attempt to give you good advice and various opinions.

People with their hearts in the wrong place will attempt to make inappropriate comments and various opinions.

Decipher them, but NEVER let them influence what YOU uniquely want within your own heart.

If you do, you will walk around dizzy as if being on a merry-go-round not knowing what to do for your own well-being and self nourishment.

Take opinions and advice and apply a "self-standard" test within your heart, and this will direct your personal path.

NEVER "abandon yourself"......for the sake of another persons advice or opinion.

IMO, diet and fitness training is personal.

Who gives a damn what people "think" you should be doing, when you are using education within diet and fitness to earn, and then maintain your goal.

I certainly do not care. My goals are my goals, and not theirs.

And, it so happens their goal is no greater than my own.

There are always someone bigger, stronger, and faster. However, I fight to be bigger, stronger, and faster, in my own personal creation. It brings inner peace and creates the greatest competition of all time. It also can produce a new improved person never before seen.

Within your journey, you will meet many forks in the road; and, people having diarrhea of the mouth is one of these forks: so YOU DECIDE the level of stress that is produced and how you deal with it--according to your goal, by applying diet and fitness education..........while living life to its absolute fullest.

Additionally, don't fall victim to inappropriate views on your on body. Be happy with what you have and what you have accomplished--and KNOW what you can manipulate differently. But do it for you, not someone else.

Personally, I do not care what others think; their opinion is coming from a flawed and imperfect human base to begin with, and I let this "negatively" effect my body image?

Not happening.

The Judgement of others and/or being overly judgmental of others can cause internal and external poison, and hamper true circumference of clear vision. Does one look at another and truly see? Maybe, if they were able to remove the spec from their own eye, but this isn't possible, because we all have specs in our eye.

Consider the sources. And, remember to keep your bull-shit-o-meter on all the time.

Best regards,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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