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Default Squatter Reviews Nike Romaleos

I just received my Nike Romaleos this morning, and I thought I would post up a review of them. I am of course no expert reviewer, so this thread will not only be about my first impression, but also how my training goes for cycle 3 of 531 while wearing them, from the point of view of just a lifter who loves to lift more than anything.

My first impression was that of awe. They look so badass. The are simply built like a tank and are quite heavy. The heel is high (3/4 inch)and is absolutely rock hard. They came with inserts that I imagine one could use for either comfort or to adjust the fit. They also came with an extra pair of laces. In addition, the laces are not too long. The laces on my Chuck's are so long I almost trip over them.

Here are the pics:

I was nervous about trying them on, as i never have ordered shoes off of the net before, and as such could not try them on first. Of course, deciding what size to order is a bit of an educated guess. Firstly, I measured my actual foot size. It was exactly 11 inches. I then looked at my regular everyday runners, which are Asics size 11. My work shoes are also size 11. My Chuck Taylors are size 10. I almost ordered size 11, but I thought that since weightlifting shoes should be tight, I'd go for 10.5. I am really glad i did, as they fit like a glove. My feet did not move at all, and the shoe felt really snug, but not too tight. They were comfortable as well. I have long toes as well, and they did not feel cramped. The bottom line is that I ordered a half inch smaller than my actual foot measurement and I ended up with a perfectly fitting shoe.

The cost of them was $200.00 CDN. Certainly not cheap, but I already feel they were worth every penny even before i have lifted in them. I did some BW squats in them, and I have to say they felt unbelievable. I can sit back in them with confidence and ease. I am 100% certain they are going to make a huge difference in my squatting technique. I will find out for sure Wednesday AM. I will of course post up vids in addition to my thoughts.
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