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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
I apologize if what I said about Dan John's book came off as rude or confrontational. That was not my aim. I just wanted to give my opinion that if someone is looking for a book about getting big and strong, Dan John's book "Never Let Go" may not be the best purchase compared to some of the other recommendations.
All in all your recommendations are very helpful and much appreciated.

Oh and you can send the refund to:
Zdravko Veselin Gaeta
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I happen to agree, I also have the Dan John book "Never Let Go" and am a bit disappointed but mostly because he can't seem to stick to the point and though I'm several chapters in already, I sit wondering when he'll get around to actually saying something that counts.

It drives me nuts to have to wade through meaningless drivel when I expect a book to be about the subject and not about everything that can possibly be thrown into the book; though, I guess it does state "philosophy" on the cover, so it really should have come as no surprise
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