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Dr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good start

update on last couple of days, been taking 2 viridex in the a.m. & 2 in the p.m. i noticed a couple of zits pop up after just the 3rd dose, so i guess this means it's working

however, i took 1 spirodex before cardio on tuesday & 2 before cardio on wednesday. good endurance during both cardio sessions, it goes without saying i liked 2 spiro's better than 1.

as far as a thermogenic effect goes, i could tell spirodex is working from the steady energy during the day as well as the warmer body temp.

with viridex i have not noticed any crazy dreams but i've noticed good sleep quality, but also i feel that if taken too close to bedtime, it interferes a little bit with my sleep.

as for the SP Max i think it needs to be dosed at 2 scoops for anyone who's 200 lbs & up to feel nice effects from it. that's when i started feeling it really making a difference when i lift.

the flavor for SizeOn Max is pretty good but I did feel a little bit of discomfort in my gut 1st time using SizeOn, less the 2nd time, so it could've been something wrong like too much water or too little....

but then again I'm not used to sipping on anything other than water during my workouts, so I'll give it a couple more workouts to determine if it's best for me to take it intra or immediately post workout.

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