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Dr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good start

First workout with SP Max was delts & traps day.

I also took my second serving of Viridex XT about 45 mins before working out.

Took 1 scoop of SP Max, which is again the recommended assessment serving size. After today, I can tell that at a little over 200 pounds of body weight, I need to up the serving to 1.5 scoops.

Felt focused & had nice energy throughout my workout.

Here's a look at today's workout:

DB Shoulder Press

2 sets w/ 30's x 16 reps
2 sets w/ 40's x 12
2 sets w/ 50's x 10

Behind-the-neck press (full range of motion here)

2 - 95 lbs x 16
2 - 115 lbs x 12
2 - 145 lbs x 10

Side Lateral Raises

3 - 20's x 16
3 - 25's x 16
1 - 30's x 10

Reverse Pec Dec/ Rear Delt

4 - 50 lbs x 12

Up Right Rows ( using low pulley cable)

2 - 35 lbs x 16
2 - 45 lbs x 12
2 - 50 lbs x 10

Shrug Machine

3 - 90 lbs (on each side) x 12
2 - 135 lbs x 10

As you guys can see here, this workout was more on the side of higher reps/volume.

The reason for this is that this is what it takes for me to feel a good pump in my delts.

I can train them heavy & feel a good stretch & soreness the next day or two, but when it comes to achieving a good pump, they need higher volume.

Now add in the SP Max pre-workout, and I have a nice pump going during my workout.

& while SP Max tasted okay, the Size On orange flavor was absolutely delicious !

I didn't feel depleted after my workout at all & I'm hoping it'll also help with any DOMS.
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