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Dr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good startDr.Abs is off to a good start

First of all, I'd like to really thank BK for chosing me as one of the loggers for this stack : SizeOn, Super Pump Max, Viridex XT & Spirodex.

As I had mentioned before, I've had no previous experience with any Gaspari product before, and I will be very honest in giving my opinion regarding any or all of the products being logged.

This will be a 4 week log using the above stack & what I'm hoping it'll help me do is get back in the kind of shape I was in before taking time off. I'm expecting some fat loss as well as some size & strength gains.


Height: 5'10

Weight: 205 lbs

BF%: 18%

Training experience: on & off for about 9 years.

I've been out of the gym for about 3 months ( no injuries, just moving & getting settled etc...), now just got back to working out & want to get back to where I used to be ASAP & make some more gains FAST !


I'll be doing a recomp, more on the side of a cut, so i'll probably be doing IF.

I normally eat clean & healthy, but don't count calories.

Training Split:

- Chest + Tri's
- Back + Bi's
- off
- Legs + Abs
- Shoulders
- Cardio + Abs
- off

I also do 15-20 mins of low to moderate intensity cardio before & after my lifting sessions ; HIIT is for a cardio-only day

With my weight training I generally stick to the basics as long as they're doing the trick before switching things up & trying new things.

I usually try to train heavy & follow progressive overload, & add in drop sets, supersets, forced reps, etc. as needed.

I try & listen to my body when it comes to training. So if according to my split, I have shoulders but I feel like they could use an extra day off or feel like training legs instead, I just do it .

With that said, I've taken my 1st serving of Viridex XT this morning along with the suggested assessment dose of 1 Spirodex, both on an empty stomach.

I'm guessing the Viridex will take a few days to show any effects, but as far as the Spirodex goes, I can say that within 20-30 mins Istarted feeling alert, somewhat energized & noticeably warmer.

I like the fact that I didn't experience a strong stimulant effect; if this remains the case for the next couple of days, I will go up to the recommended 2 Spirodex per day.

Later today, I will be taking a serving of Super Pump before heading to the gym & will be sipping on a serving of SizeOn.
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