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i only wear it when i know i have to count on my breathing tecnique more than sheer strength.i know it sounds stupid but once i get into the low 300's on squats/deads my breathing changes.i tend to take deeper breaths and let the air out in smaller spurts and the belt,which not only stabilizes the back,it also helps my gut push against something otherwise i'd hold the air in too long or let too much out.

other than that i see no reason to unless you're an extremely heavy powerlifter.i hate when i see guys in my gyms get psyched up,lock the belt like they're about to bench 550 then walk over and grab a set of 40lb db's and get 10 whole reps like they're Hercules.of course after that it's fix the gel,bicep pose and text your girl a photo in the mirror,lol...!
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