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that being said, the "size" that a lot guys put on while strength training hasn't had as great of an impact on my physique as it would those lifters
And, this should tell you something of value.

If I had to give an opinion on one rep range (only) developing a program around 5 to 8 reps, isn't a bad rep range to start for strength and hypertrophy; basically you are falling within the lower limit of the range. Don't get the idea I am saying that other rep ranges have their uses, they definately do---of course, dependent on bodily feedback, personal goals etc. I use higher rep ranges, (slower tempo execution, as an example), when leaning down, to assist in glucose depletion.

Its normal to start thinking that doing more/adding in more to ones routine, will improve results. Whether this is true is HIGHLY variable and depends on the person whom we are speaking about.

In my humble opinion, I believe many change their programs far too much. Assuming diet is complimenting a program one decided to act on, 4 to 6 weeks is long enough (assuming complience, consistency in this complience), to see if a program is working. If it is, then one sticks it out, until such time, it is proven to the contrary. A program simply needs adequate time to show its face. In the meantime, you study, and then study some more (on training and dietary mechanics), as you work with this current program.

Likewise, I am in the opinion, you make changes tha lean toward a "need to" as compared to a "want to"; there is simply a difference between the two when consideration is given to one's personal goal wants.

In addition, the feedback one gets can be so variable to its cause. It can be contents of diet, contents/mechanics of the training, one or the other, or both (etc, etc). And, these need to be looked at before or if a change is made in the weight routine program.

It is potentially possible, you may have to step out of this rep range scheme/program you are in currently--dependent on personal results when given adequate time. However, manipulation in which one is seeking more stimulation can come in a variety of ways, and not just from rep ranges.
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