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Default Novice program; Pull-ups+Chins or rows+chins?

Hey I'd like your inputs on my upcoming training period.
Background; I'm a weakling. But having started out so many times in the past that my technique is actually quite good.

I want to do a basic barbell routine like starting strength / practical programming but I don't want to do power cleans. I actually had some instruction in olympic lifts some years ago and I really enjoyed it, however I have very little experience with doing them. Whenever I try out a few sets with the bar I can «feel» that my form is shoddy but I find it hard to correct by myself. So I'm not saying «I dont wanna clean cuz it seems so weird and stuff», it's more of a «don't want to do heavy cleans by myself with no supervision except for nineteen year olds busy with assisting eachother in the preacher curl» kind of situation.

I know that «you shouldn't F* with the program» but seriously, I'd appreciate your thoughts and what's the actual reason for not doing this(apart from the fact that it would be blasphemy).

I've been considering doing this:
Mon: Squats, Presses(alternate bench/oh), barbell rows
Wed: Squats, Presses(alternate bench/oh), Deadlifts
Fri: Squats, Presses(alternate bench/oh), chins/pull-ups (max)

I'd like to have the rows in the program since it's an exercise I really like and also I think adding weight to the bar will motivate me more than reaching higher reps in the chins. I think doing chins/pullups twice a week(like practical programming novice prog) becomes a bit one sided, after all there is probably a reason why we do two different presses and I intuitively feel I should do two equivalent pulling movements?

If my goal was to add reps to my chins I'd rather do them in ladders, daily or even twice a day since that's what I've done in the past and I went from 4 to 12 chins that way before getting distracted and going back to being a lazy sod. However doing chins daily might not be realistic once I'm on a heavy program. What are your thoughts on this? To be clear on this I can no longer do 12 chins (I max out at 5 now and no, I'm not kidding).

I appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.
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