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Originally Posted by RamboZaneWanabe View Post
...I certainly do not view anyone/anything through a lense!
We all do RZW. Each and every one of us view the world and it's events through the lense of our own experience, and we interpret those experiences into something that gives meaning to us. This is the reason why two people can react completely differently to the same event, different experiences and thoughts lead to different values and personalities. To deny this is to deny the very basis of individuality.

I never judge a book by it's cover
Yet you have generalised people who live in remote areas as either a) those who get on with it or 2) those who attempt to imitate city folk. By the tone of your writing it's clear that your bias favours the former, using the word 'imitate' denotes a negative feeling towards those people like they are trying to fake something. You are betraying your own bias which favours 'those who get on with it' in a very obvious way.

So if you can betray your own bias in such an obvious way on something like this, then if you open your mind a little you can begin to understand what I'm saying. Your view of the world will be different from these folks who 'pretend to be like city folk'. Now of course humans being humans we generally default to thinking 'our view' is the correct view and these people are merely being fake by feigning intellect, reading Da Vinci Code and trying to imitate city folk.

Now consider for one moment how silly all this sounds. You have passed judgement on an entire group of people, however these people could be just as genuine as you. You just don't see it that way, because you view it from the lense of your own experience. You see them as fake, pseudo-intellectual. How do you think they view you? As the genuine, real person that they all secretly wish they had the confidence to be? I highly doubt that.

Don't worry though, we all do this to a certain extent. The key is to recognise when we do these things so obviously that we're clearly fooling ourselves. The more we fool ourselves, the easier it is for others to fool us.

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