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Originally Posted by RamboZaneWanabe View Post
In my local cafe you still see individuals reading “The Da Vinci Code” sitting by the window with their tall latte's so that the passers – by can see them being in touch with fashion yet trying to remain intellectual.
Interesting & thoughtful perspective. Of course whatever we see is through the lense of our own experience, as such we can't really attribute reason to other people's actions unless we directly interact with them to find out.

This is an interesting parallel to lifting forums, advice is usually given through the lense of our own experience/perspective. This is potentially harmful as our experience and subjectivity could be very different, meaning our needs are very different to the person receiving advice. Btb and myself have harped on about this before, giving advice has to involve some interpretation and empathy of the other person's situation. Just like trying to figure out reasons for someones behaviour relies again on trying empathise, rather then view people through our lense. Just because we don't like Da Vinci Code (and frankly, I do not) doesn't mean we those that do can be generalised, we're all individual and complex.

The only real way to know people's reasons are to ask them. But even then, people's actions are largely unclear to even themselves. It's the rare individual who has worked out the causes and reason for all of their behaviour and actions. If someone say's they have, unless we're looking at a very special individual they would be lying to others and to themselves.

It really is quite a complex issue, knowing just enough to keep you out of trouble during interactions with other complex individuals in complex settings is often the best you can hope for. Which is the reason for my first response.
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