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Default Why do you lift weights?


We all do the same things in our day to day life's for totally different reasons. Some people go to work for enjoyment, when in actual fact they've enough money to retire. Whilst other people dread going to work, but they have to in order to pay bills & survive. Some people go on nights out to catch up with friends whilst others are going out on the purpose to “hook up”. In my local cafe you still see individuals reading “The Da Vinci Code” sitting by the window with their tall latte's so that the passers – by can see them being in touch with fashion yet trying to remain intellectual. Then pop into the local pub & you'll see some old Mister sitting in the corner minding his own not disturbing anyone, not drawing any attention to himself with his head dived within a 1000 page historical book of some sort.
The point I'm trying to get at is this, we all do the same things in our life but for very different reasons. So the question here is this;

Why do you lift weights?

I lift weights for two reasons & two reasons only, to keep adding weight to the bar, & secondly & most importantly to me is that it makes me see life in a clearer light. By adding weight, I'm continually challenging my body & continually moving forward physically, releasing that I am truly in charge of this machine called the human body. & then it makes me want to push my mind, so I'm always learning something, always striving to push my mind to keep up with my body & vice versa. I like my body & mind to be in total balance with one another, to be harmonius within one's self. Lifting weights enables me to accomplish things out of the weight room & it has given me discipline too. I enjoy life & laugh more when I'm hitting the weights. I feel happy within myself & it's noticeable to all around me that I'm high on life. I don't lift for attention from the opposite sex as I've a beautiful woman beside me & an incredible daughter.

So, for me, lifting weights is for;

1. Discipline
2. Self Improvement
3. Happiness
4. To realise one's full potential
5. To be in harmony with yourself & others

So, why do you lift weights?

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