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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I have a very small tattoo on my shoulder that I regret. My rule is this...if I feel a desire to get a tattoo, put it on hold for 5 years. Then, if I still want it...
Problem is half the things we do that we regret later are done in our youth and if we explain to the youth of now that it's best to wait they still continue on their impulsive cycle and then regret it later as well, so they can't even learn from the experiences of the older generation, or at least most of them don''s a funny old world; fortunately I never got any tattoos, it's never really appealed. My sister has one, I think, a small one on her ankle area (?); my youngest brother has his children's names in calligraphy style black tattoos on his forearms which look pretty cool actually.
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