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At bottom, every person knows well enough that they are a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he or she is, ever be put together a second time.

(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche )

================================================== =====

I do not view the New Year nor its associated federal holiday, like most people, in general or on average do. In addition, I do not look at fitness goals the same way as compared to the average "healthy" fitness goal seeker.

I sometimes get troubled around Christmas and New Years, as it pertains to its meaning or lack of meaning for some people. For some reason, some persons get all loving, forgiving, and helpful during Christmas, and then the rest of the year, they are someone totally different. What a different place our country and world would be, if they took the "meaning premise" of Christmas and acted accordingly the entire year--whether they were Christian or not.

Each day and each month of the year, and not dependent on dates or holidays on the calender, my goal is to give something of value to another person; to offer a hand, a smile, support, and fellowship to the common person, and spread this feeling to another. The common person in general, whom encompasses this attitude when associated in a the power of a group, would be enough to "improve" the equity and quality of our social economy and family foundation, which in turn would improve economic quality. There is no price tag on this, and is underestimated in its power.

I have walked this earth for 50 years, and have experienced, accomplished, and failed, at many different things in life, and one thing I have learned:

It is not all muscle and brawn that makes one healthy and fit. The former is only one composite among a complex package, and the entire physical and psychological circumference needs attention and work as we walk this life inside its skin. I walk in a physical body, in which each part is interdependent upon the other, in one way or another, and I will walk within my fitness goals, with this in mind.

To be human is to be vulnerable - this I must accept. My invincibility lies in my ability to not let the emotional and physical setbacks in life conquer me. I may be vulnerable to the experiences, but I'm invincible in my resolve.


Your thoughts are powerful creators, and your words are even more powerful than your thoughts, but your actions are more powerful than your words or your thoughts. My life goals, general fitness goals, and attitude, surrounds this premise.

Normally my year runs from my birth date to birth date with certain goal dates in-between, dependent on what I decide to do. No greater gift to yourself than making goals to the physical body which beats this pavement of life. And, as you improve, the others around you, whom love you, benefit as well.

For the physical portion of my training, I plan to increase cardiovascular conditioning (heart/lungs, endurance, oxygen, etc), flexibility, and gain about 2 pounds of good weight this year (or just over 170). Gains in the muscle mass sense are becoming harder, but endurance has a lot of head room, and we see what transpires here with a good developed plan. Numbers are only important to me as far as it pertains to ratio of progression, improvement, and overall well-being. Power lifting is not my cup of tea. I have never been one to have a lifting log on a forum for the passed several years. I always kept my own training/dieting log at home, and let the pics tell the story, and answer questions when asked. This year, leading into my 51st birthday, expect many pics.

On the mental health (brain side), which can blend into how to handle certain psychologies and emotions of the inner-self, I plan to continue my personal education by reading a lot of books on different and various topics, and dependent on what I learn, apply certain strategies to improve me as an overall person. IMO, sculpting your brain, and examining your beliefs, opinions, and other parts of yourself, is just as important (in your health) as lifting the iron. After all, what actually does allow you to or disallow you to, train or not train?

There is a spirit in each of you that yearns for the goal you desire. Embrace it. Reach in and pull it out. Hold it in your hands tightly. Let it fuel your hands to allow you to do the handy work necessary. Put it back in your heart to burn brightly and you will be the knight daily and nightly.

Hope all of you reach your goals. Do not wish you luck, what the heck does that have to do with it? Throw your heart over a fence, and your goal will follow.

Bare truth.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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