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Good day everyone.

I'm very happy to have joined this forum after hours of lurking on various strength training forums online, you seem to have built a really helpful and positive environment to discuss training, get feedback and stay on track towards one's goals. I decided I'd join one forum and one forum only now that I'm starting to train "for real", and am happy to have found this one.

A bit about me; I'm a 26 years old male, currently employed in the chemicals industry, having had an interest in strength training and martial arts through most my life I must admit that the last few years I have hardly set foot in a gym and I also haven't had a club to train martial arts in. I have tried half-assedly a few times but my shift rotation at work made it very difficult with sleep and diet etc. Now I'm on a two-shift rotation which makes it easier, so there's no excuses anymore.

I have very little time under the barbell, but being a classic geek I have read a lot about training and what little experience I have I find very useful when I am now planning my strength training program for the next year.

I have also completed some courses at a sport college which included some very qualified instruction(olympic coach) in barbell exercises, including olympic lifting. This is a few years ago now, unfortunately, but I hope to slowly build confidence on what little foundation I have.

My goals for the coming year is pretty straightforward, I want to develop impeccable technique in the main lifts, I want to gain 10 kg(22lbs) of weight, and I want to execute all the main lifts with more than my bodyweight.

Current stats; height 171 cm (5f 7in?), weight 55 kg (121.25 lbs), I'm starting out with an empty bar after new years

Wish me luck guys and thank you so much for this forum which has already helped me alot while I was lurking.
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