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Wow, MAB never fails to amaze me. Full of amazing information on weightlifting/powerlifting/bodybuilding/general fitness, basically all areas of health & fitness (even nutrition), & then I found a film thread! & not just a film thread, but people who are REALLY into the art of cinema. & now I find a book thread. What a fantastic board this is...

@Carl, I read Grisham's "The Firm" years ago & I couldn't put it down. You need to know what happens next. I haven't read anything else of his though, suggestions?

11/22/63 caught my eye too, very nearly purchased it 2 - 3 weeks back.

Anyway, up until the birth of my little girl in January this year, I read at least one book per month, sometimes two a month, but I've only read three this year

John Connolly - Bad Men
Miles The Autobiography - Miles Davis
Bird - The Legend Of Charlie Parker

Bad Men was a book I unexpectedly loved, Connolly has a style of focusing on very few characters throughout his books, yet there is no repetitive manner in his writing.
Miles was a hilarious book. Miles never held back about his life, he spills all, & trust me when I say this, his life was full on! You feel that there is a genuine quality to him, quality of honesty in what he says, & you feel sorry for him & every black individual at the time & what they had to endure. I'm going to read this again soon. Whether you're into Jazz or not, this is a spectacular read.
& Bird, well Bird is quite simply The King of jazz. Another guy with a full on & tragic life. Brilliant musician...

I am not sure what I will read next, Bill Bryson's "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" is on my shelf, as is "The Roswell File", I'm a space nut & love reading about UFO's & life outwith our own planet.

John Steinbeck's "East Of Eden" is on my shelf too though...
The Mayans never said that 2012 was the end of the world, they said it was the end of the world as we know it. Does this mean the sky will be green & the grass will be blue? Maybe the oceans will turn to beer & the oxygen into marijuana smoke. Or maybe the banking sector will get destroyed & money will therefore be useless, meaning that humans can live as creative individuals with the opportunity to express themselves freely. I truly hope so, as long as I can still play music & lift weights!

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