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Wow, MAB never fails to amaze me. Full of amazing information on weightlifting/powerlifting/bodybuilding/general fitness, basically all areas of health & fitness (even nutrition), & then I found a film thread! & not just a film thread, but people who are REALLY into the art of cinema. & now I find a book thread. What a fantastic board this is...

@Carl, I read Grisham's "The Firm" years ago & I couldn't put it down. You need to know what happens next. I haven't read anything else of his though, suggestions?

11/22/63 caught my eye too, very nearly purchased it 2 - 3 weeks back.

Anyway, up until the birth of my little girl in January this year, I read at least one book per month, sometimes two a month, but I've only read three this year

John Connolly - Bad Men
Miles The Autobiography - Miles Davis
Bird - The Legend Of Charlie Parker

Bad Men was a book I unexpectedly loved, Connolly has a style of focusing on very few characters throughout his books, yet there is no repetitive manner in his writing.
Miles was a hilarious book. Miles never held back about his life, he spills all, & trust me when I say this, his life was full on! You feel that there is a genuine quality to him, quality of honesty in what he says, & you feel sorry for him & every black individual at the time & what they had to endure. I'm going to read this again soon. Whether you're into Jazz or not, this is a spectacular read.
& Bird, well Bird is quite simply The King of jazz. Another guy with a full on & tragic life. Brilliant musician...

I am not sure what I will read next, Bill Bryson's "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" is on my shelf, as is "The Roswell File", I'm a space nut & love reading about UFO's & life outwith our own planet.

John Steinbeck's "East Of Eden" is on my shelf too though...

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