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vcjha is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by vcjha View Post
Alright here's the progress. Tuesday was lower day.

Squats 245 3 sets 5 reps each

Stiff-legged deadlifts 185 3 sets 7 reps each

Calves- I can't remember but I think one plate on each. 10 reps 3 sets

Curls- 70 lb 3 sets 5 reps each.

I have now plateaued on squats for about three weeks now. Think it's time for a deload? Or more like backtracking the weight and gradually going back up within a month?
Today was upper body. On deadlifts, trying as hard as I can to push the weight up. Ended up adding 5 lb to make...270. Got 5 reps for each. But I had to reset each time. Last time set ended up only getting 4, even with a monster effort.
Bench press, still stuck on 85 lb for 5 for 3 sets. Rows, felt pretty strong as I did perfect form for 6 reps on each set.
Shoulder press felt pretty strong. Was able to get 7 reps on each set at a weight of 115. CG bench press, did the same thing that I did with deadlift: added 5 lb to make 180. Got 5 reps on each set.
Still weak weight, but damn I'm pushing. On an even worse note, it took me....2.5 HOURS TO FINISH THE WORKOUT. Only time I talked was with a buddy for 5 minutes. Should I worry?!
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