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Another awesome session. Outer hamstring tendon is a little tender now so going to take it easy this weekend, but no pain during training. I tried breathing squats today as my squat finisher, and they made a believer out of me. Never thought I would say this, but I am starting to love squats.

Power Clean and Press
155x 10 singles
165 x 1
175 x 1
185 x 1 clean only - PR for clean without straps.

205 x 5 x 3 sets + 20 pounds from last friday
225 x 1
135 x 15 - 5 deep breaths between reps. + 1 rep from last week.

BW x 7/7/7/7/5 +2 reps from last friday

Had a great time today and I'm feeling stronger every day now. The extra sleep is definitely helping.
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