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Sten is off to a bad start

I double checked yda and there is not one of those high racks. A few more questions about the nomenclature:

"Deadlift 2-5 x 5-15 means...

2-5 sets of 5-15 reps with the deadlift. Always, always, always try for more reps/weight each set."
I ask you:

1) How should I determine how many set I am going to do ? It all depends on the first set's weight. If I pick the right weight, I will always be able to do 5sets adding weight/reps. Could you give me an example of when you wouldn't do the 5sets ?

2) Suppose that I can perform exactly 15reps with the weight X. Does it mean my first set shouldn't be with the weight X (or 10reps with the weight X), so I can add more weight / do more reps. on the following sets ?

I am still confused. Would you mind giving a little bit more detailed explanation ?

About the workout... fucking shit. I never felt so worn out before after the almost 75 squats + deadlift. I was so worried about being sore for like a month that I would stretch every single hour. Now my butt (seriously, it doesn't mean I am growing a girlie ass, right?), thighs and external side of my chest are a little bit sore, but tomorrow should be fine. Thanks !
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