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Originally Posted by wannebe91 View Post
I am just starting to get into this. Can anyone give me tips that helped them succeed?

My mentality then (when I started) and my mentally now (today):

I remember a day, when you had to actually get out and go to the library to seek information, when you wanted to learn something. You actually burned some calories walking around, searching and sh$t.

Now, it takes little more than moving the fingers on a keyboard, and doing a search. One just has to have the BS flag up, when trying learn something or find something. And, with respect, some find this even hard to do.

And, this begins with the "degree of seriousness" you personally have for your personal diet and fitness choice, and the willingness to garner the knowledge "necessary" to understand yourself within this diet and fitness knowledge, and then appropriately and personally applying it within your life to allow one to earn goal they seek.

If one can not afford to hire a trainer, or does not want a trainer (etc, etc), then one has to be their own personal trainer, and yes, its that simple.

And, this means coming out of the mentally dark, and educating yourself in the path you seek.

Pre-work, and personal development time IS REQUIRED.

This means to get to making threads and asking questions about them. This means getting on GOOGLE (etc) and doing specific searches.

And, this means interacting in the question thread one makes.

This means reading applicable books that are applicable to persons situation and goal choice.

There is allot of information available and there is no excuse:

A lot of persons can discouraged through lack of knowledge in what there trying to do and--how to properly adapt this knowledge within their likes and dislikes and their personal environment (and when it changes).

And, this wasn't and isn't going to be me.

You, see.......its not knowledge by itself, nor working through its application that can get to you...........its the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, grind that ends up kicking your ass.

And, who walks within this daily grind? Your body and mind.

All the training in which you earned your goal with, has to continue, or you eventually lose it slowly over time. This is why its a lifestyle change for me, and my training is NOT one dimensional.

You take care of your body by learning how to train it, by seeking knowledge, and then taking all the time necessary learning your strengths and your weaknesses to make you apply it regularly. You take care of you mind by examining yourself (HONESTLY), and taking ANY necessary steps to put your mental house in order, so it surrounds you enough to apply enough of you to get what you want done.....through the complexities of living life.

How about starting a journal. In this journal, you can disclose your starting point, and provide some applicable personal particulars where we can give more accurate advice on what training program would be best for you based on your personal goal-wants.

Best regards,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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